Our Prices

Value for money Manual and Automatic driving lessons across Poole & Bournemouth since 2004

Our aim is to give Value for Money. Whatever length of lesson you choose, you can be sure of professional tuition for the whole duration of each lesson.

Pay as you go £42.00 per hour
£60.00 per hour and a half
£80.00 per two hours
Block of 10 hours £380.00
(Lessons must be a minimum one and a half hours)
Motorway Lesson (min 3hrs) £160.00

Terms and conditions apply.

Driving lessons are expensive and the average person in the UK that passes their driving test has had 45hrs of professional training from an ADI (approved driving instructor) combined with 22hrs of private practice with a family member or friend. This does not mean that you will have to do this many lesson this is just a guide. When you are ready and you and your instructor feel you can pass the test you will be put in for it, the amount of lessons you have done at this point varies from one one person to the next.

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