Driving Lessons

We have been offering Manual and Automatic driving lessons across Poole & Bournemouth since 2004. Both male and female instructors available.

PDS were recommended to me by a friend and my decision to use them was one of the best I have ever made.

Andy is a professional teacher who understood my individual needs as a learner and his lessons were always well thought out.

I enjoyed all my lessons and what started out as quite a daunting challenge soon turned into a fun and rewarding one. I thoroughly recommend learning with them and I will be using PDS again for a motorway lesson in the near future.

Thanks for all your help Andy

Jon Pollard, 1st time pass on 22/8/2013,  
Lower Parkstone, Poole

I Just wanted to say thanks for all your help and support. Some weeks I came out for my lesson really stressed with things at home and you always helped me to chill and focus. At one point i’d got myself so stressed with all the mistakes I was making and how fearful of things i was, i was ready to give up. You semmed to sense it and convince me to keep going and I over came those fears.

You made lessons fun and I respect your directness, the fact that you told me straight when things were bad made me trust you when you said i could do something.

I hope I didn’t stress you out to much. Thanks Andy

Corrie Ames, 1st time pass on 12/12/2012,
Parkstone, Poole

Thank you Andy for helping me pass my test 1st time with only 1 minor!! You made learning to drive fun and helped me feel less nervous thank you again!

Ces Boynes-Butler, 1st time pass on 15/8/2011
Moordown, Bournemouth

Best driving instructor!! A good laugh and very patient (he needed to be with me) i passed over 2 years ago and no accidents yet (touch wood)!!xxx

Jade Escott,  passed on 5/6/2009
Town Centre, Poole

Amazing driving instructor, very patient! passed 1st time and helped me conquer the worst examiner in the world! Thank you Andy!

Megan Henry, 1st time pass on 24/3/2011
Moordown, Bournemouth

Andy made learning to drive fun. He made me feel confident in my own ability and taught me at a pace that worked for me. I would happily recommend Andy to anyone. Thanks mate

Tom Clarke,  passed on 26/4/2010
Moordown, Bournemouth

Andy you are so lovely! I passed like 3 years ago with you but i passed sooo quick, (although i say i am like a Lewis Hamilton) Thank you so much ur the best xx

Tasha Parker, 1st time pass on 13/9/2007
Kings Park, Bournemouth

Poole driving school is a professional, affordable and understanding school of motoring. From the first to last lesson I was constantly learning new things. Andy is an excellent teacher and he communicates amazingly which boosted my confidence in myself and my driving ability. Andy made each lesson enjoyable, entertaining and educational and this is what I would say is the key to success when learning to drive. If you want a good chance of becoming a confident and competent driver go with Andy and Poole Driving School.

Russell Hoyle, 1st time pass on 20/7/2011
Branksome, Poole

Did my best to break his car, but he’s a very patient teacher lol. Cheers Andy

Tom McMaster, Passed on 3/5/2011
Parkstone, Poole

Thanks Andy for making each lesson fun and stress free and for getting me and my sister through are tests first time, I will highly recommend you to anyone that needs driving lessons, many thanks Fletch

Fletcher Perry, 1st time pass on 12/7/2011
Oakdale, Poole

Thanks for all your help Andy, couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks again xxx

Beth Saul, Passed 13/7/2011
Kings Park, Bournemouth

Thank you so much andy! I really enjoyed my driving lessons and thanks for helping me beat Ian and pass my test first!

Nicole Hook, 1st time pass on 2/2/2011
Winton, Bournemouth

Thanks Andy for helping me pass my test!!! It’s nearly been a year now!! Hope you are well

Chris Sampson, 1st time pass on 26/7/2010
Moordown, Bournemouth

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